Give Your Health A Quick Boost

Sometimes, an extra boost is all you need to feel your best.

IV infusion therapy isn’t just for performance athletes. If you’ve been struggling with low energy and constantly feel run down, an IV infusion can be just the helping hand you‘ve been needing.

If you want to reinforce your energy, improve your immunity, and boost your recovery, an IV infusion is a great solution.

The Men’s Clinic offers IV infusions to help with recovery, weight loss, immunity, and more. All of our IV therapy solutions are blended with natural vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

You’ll get an extra dose of what your body needs and feel energized again in no time.

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IV Therapies in Tyler, TX

IV Hydration Therapy

Recover faster from athletics & illness with electrolyte and fluid infusions.

NAD IV Therapy

NAD infusions aid in cognitive function, anti-aging, cellular health, & more.

Glutathione IV Therapy

Glutathione boosts immune support & detoxing functions in your body.

Regain Essential Vitamins And Immune Support

Millions of men in America are diagnosed with deficiencies in essential vitamins and micronutrients every year.

Our modern diets fall short of providing the key nutrients that our bodies need. Lack or loss of those nutrients can affect your immunity, muscle and bone strength, and energy levels.

If you’ve noticed yourself feeling extra tired or having trouble recovering after illness, low vitamin levels might be the culprit.

The Men’s Clinic will help get you a clear diagnosis so you can reclaim your quality of life. We’ll
evaluate your symptoms and test for a wide range of health conditions, then build a holistic wellness plan that’s customized for your needs.

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IV Infusion Solutions

Body Sculpt
B Vitamin complex, Taurine
(weight loss infusion)

B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Mineral complex, Amino Acid Blend
(increases performance & decreases recovery time)

Amino Blend, Vitamin + Nutrient complex
(energy booster)

Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin complex blend
(immunity booster)

Alternative Treatments

We also offer alternative treatment methods to IV infusions, so you can get the same benefits at home or on the go.

  • NAD nasal spray
  • Vitamin B12 & Vitamin D dissolvable tablets

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How do I get an appointment?

Call our office to get pre-enrolled and schedule your first consultation.

The Men’s Clinic operates on a membership basis. Members get unlimited access for a monthly fee

Once you’re a member, you can call to get a quick appointment anytime you need one. We also offer telehealth services for primary care needs.

How does my membership work?

Members are assessed a monthly fee based on their age.

With your membership, you receive unlimited access to the clinic. Anytime you’re feeling sick or need a checkup, you can book an appointment through our online portal.

Primary & acute care services are included with every membership. We also offer add-on treatments for both members and non-members.

Can I use insurance?

Because our memberships are a cash-based flat fee, you don’t have to deal with insurance dictating how soon you can get treatment.

Many of our patients are able to deduct their membership cost from a health savings account or send their treatments to insurance after the fact.

Ask your insurance agent, and we’ll provide any documentation they need.

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Don’t Let Your Fatigue Become Normal

If you have a busy or high-performance job, exhaustion and burnout can become normalized quickly.

Late nights and long hours are expected. There’s not enough time in the day to rest and properly take care of yourself.

Come to The Men’s Clinic and invest in your health. Our IV infusion therapies will help you re-energize and replenish vital nutrients your body needs.

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