Take Back Control Of Your Health

If you’ve been struggling to lose stubborn weight and get in shape, it’s easy to feel discouraged.

Sometimes you can do all the right things, and the weight still won’t come off. No matter how much you diet and exercise, you don’t get the results you want.

Don’t stay stuck. The Men’s Clinic is here to walk with you on your weight loss journey.

We’ll evaluate the total picture of your health through exams and lab work, then build a plan together that works with your life.

Often, there are hidden obstacles in your genetics or diet that are stalling your progress from the shadows. We can uncover those obstacles and blend supplements that meet your unique needs.

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Benefits Of Weight Loss

The Men’s Clinic works with a range of health conditions that can make weight management a challenge.

We take a holistic approach to weight loss treatment, balancing your physical and mental health to reach the optimal solution.

Relieve Joint Strain

Healthy weight distribution eases the pressure on your joints.

Boost Your Energy

A balanced metabolism burns fat & gives you more consistent energy.

Improved Heart Health

Maintaining a healthy weight helps circulation & reduces chances of heart disease.

Conditions We Work With


If left unmanaged, obesity can lead to serious health risks.

Conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and poor circulation can negatively impact your quality of life. At worst, these conditions can become life-threatening over time.

The Men’s Clinic is here to help you achieve sustainable weight loss as part of your overall wellness.

Binge Eating & Food Addiction

Eating disorders can leave you feeling like you’re not in control of your life.

Compulsive eating, whether it be binging or food addiction, greatly affects your lifestyle and health. You may have tried diet, exercise, and other remedies, only for them to fall flat.

Eating disorders require sensitivity and care to treat, and The Men’s Clinic is here to support you.

We recommend concurrent care with a mental health professional who specializes in eating disorders and will gladly partner with your licensed counselor or help refer you to one.

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Transform Your Life With Holistic Weight Loss

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How do I get an appointment?

Call our office to get pre-enrolled and schedule your first consultation.

The Men’s Clinic operates on a membership basis. Members get unlimited access for a monthly fee

Once you’re a member, you can call to get a quick appointment anytime you need one. We also offer telehealth services for primary care needs.

How does my membership work?

Members are assessed a monthly fee based on their age.

With your membership, you receive unlimited access to the clinic. Anytime you’re feeling sick or need a checkup, you can book an appointment through our online portal.

Primary & acute care services are included with every membership. We also offer add-on treatments for both members and non-members.

Can I use insurance?

Because our memberships are a cash-based flat fee, you don’t have to deal with insurance dictating how soon you can get treatment.

Many of our patients are able to deduct their membership cost from a health savings account or send their treatments to insurance after the fact.

Ask your insurance agent, and we’ll provide any documentation they need.

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See What Nutritional Support Can Do For You

You’re fed up with diets not working, and you’re ready to take drastic measures.

Maybe you’ve already explored gastric bypass surgery or other weight reduction procedures. You feel like nothing else could possibly get you results.

We do things differently at The Men’s Clinic. We’ll work with you to get a full picture of your health, including things like hormone imbalances or genetics that might be secretly holding you back.

Don’t throw in the towel on losing weight. We’ll design a custom weight loss program and be here to support you every step of the way.

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Peptide Therapy for Weight Loss


Semaglutide helps improve digestion, prevent hunger, and otherwise help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Early clinical trials have determined that Tirzepatide exponentially improves weight-loss efforts like diet and exercise.

HGH Peptide

Building muscle increases your resting metabolic rate, and HGH peptide can give you the building blocks for those muscles.

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